Brightly Cleaning is a family of cooperatives. Every worker-owned business in the Brightly family subscribes to our superior quality standards and is committed to creating stable and dignified jobs. We want living wages for all our worker-owners while fostering democratic decision making and leadership development through ongoing education.


Our vision for our family of Brightly Cleaning Cooperatives is to be the leading example of successful economic development and wealth building in local communities by creating opportunities for business development and ownership through worker cooperatives using our unique licensing model.

Our Values:

High-quality, safe & thoughtful cleaning services

Worker ownership & leadership development

Diversity & inclusion

Social justice & movement building

“Our clients will receive the best treatment and service possible, sincethey will be dealing directly with the owner and worker of Brightly at the same time. There is no intermediary between our client and the owners of the business”.
AraceliDominguez, 10 years of cleaning experience.


Recognizing the superior quality service and community impact of worker cooperatives, Brightly Cleaning was established to help grow and create new cooperatives cleaning businesses nationwide. Now community groups across the country can form their own local Brightly cooperative and join this family of cleaning cooperatives with shared brand and quality standards. All the participating businesses have a say in how the Brightly brand evolves and develops.

Brightly Cleaning Staten Island was the first worker–owned cooperative developed under the umbrella of the Brightly brand. The business first launched in June 2017 with 7 inaugural members.

A Worker Cooperative:

Worker cooperatives are businesses that are owned and controlled by the workers: In our business, the home and office cleaners are the owners.

Our worker-ownership model distinguishes our approach, as all cleaners are deeply committed to the success of the cooperative through worker education, ethical practices toward clients and members, and sustainable and eco-friendly products. Our cooperative structure builds community solidarity with the ultimate goal of social justice and workers’ rights, and guarantees a living wage and opportunities for growth.

Our worker cooperative is good for you, good for us, and good for the environment!

We are proud members of the U S Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives . We are also honored to use the cooperative marque of the International Cooperative Alliance.

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We are proud members of Up & Go , the first web app for worker cooperatives , owned and controlled by member cooperatives.

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